About Us

The Reading League New York

The Reading League New York is an affiliate chapter of a 40,000 member national not-for-profit organization, The Reading League. Together we promote knowledge to reimagine the future of literacy education and accelerate the global movement toward reading instruction rooted in science. The Reading League New York is sponsored by the The Churchill School and Center, a CTLE provider.

Our mission is to advance the awareness, understanding and use of evidence-based reading instruction across the state, by connecting all stakeholders and providing sound educational resources.

Our vision is that every child in our state is able to read proficiently. We recognize literacy as a fundamental right that empowers individuals in a society. Research has yielded proven instructional practices that provide equitable access to the knowledge students need to be competent readers. We believe that all children deserve to learn to read and that all teachers can learn to teach them. To bring our vision to reality, we have developed three core areas of focus.

Education: Providing sound educational resources.
We are committed to ensuring that educators are equipped with the knowledge they need to effectively teach all students how to read.

Collaboration: Developing strong partnerships & connecting stakeholders.
We will work to build a collaborative environment throughout our state among parents, educators, school leaders, pre-service teachers, colleges and universities, mission-aligned partner organizations, and community leaders.

Advocacy: Statewide advocacy that promotes long-term systemic change.
All students deserve to have an education rooted in equity that is built upon access to the tools they need to reach their full potential, including a science-based approach to reading. We acknowledge and will work to eliminate the disparity in access to evidence-based literacy instruction that currently exists in New York.

Together, these core areas will accelerate the global movement toward reading instruction rooted in science here in our state. We know we will truly be successful when reading metrics soar throughout New York.

Meet Our Team

Lynn Carpenter
Lynn CarpenterPresident, The Reading League New York
Director of the Center for Professional Development and Engagement, The Churchill School and Center
Dr. Tim Madigan
Dr. Tim MadiganVice-President, The Reading League New York
Head of School, The Churchill School and Center
Sara Cohen
Sara CohenSecretary, The Reading League New York
Lower School Principal, The Churchill School and Center
MaryKay Coyle
MaryKay CoyleTreasurer, The Reading League New York
Chief Financial Officer, The Churchill School and Center
Ptahra Jeppe, Esq.
Ptahra Jeppe, Esq.Board Member, The Reading League New York
Disability Civil Rights Attorney

Advisory Board Members

Wiley Blevins
Wiley BlevinsAuthor/Consultant
Dr. Linnea Ehri
Dr. Linnea Ehri Researcher/Author
Andrew Fletcher
Andrew FletcherDirector, Strategic Partnerships, New York City Public Schools
Dr. Susan Masullo
Dr. Susan MasulloSenior Lecturer in Literacy, Teachers College Columbia University
Dr. Katie Pace Miles
Dr. Katie Pace MilesClinical Professor, Brooklyn College
Dr. Carolyn Strom
Dr. Carolyn StromClinical Professor, NYU

Reimagine the Future of Reading

Help us bring the science of reading to every educator, parent, and child.